• Blessing at School

    Libby and "Blessing" share God's Love at Annual School Safety Day

  • Gracie in Orlando with Special Needs Child

    Gracie loves on a special needs child in Orlando, FL

  • "Oliver" Sharing Jesus' Love with Children

  • Phil, Grizz, Ms Wheelchair

    C4C volunteer Phil and "Grizz" meet Ms Wheelchair Florida

  • Anjuli with Boone and Gracie

    Anjuli with "Boone" and "Gracie" spread God's love at Children's Cancer Center

  • Molly at Victory Baptist Church

    Children love "Molly" at Victory Baptist Church in Nashville, TN

  • Gracie and Jasmine at Dog Church

    Gracie and Jasmine Sharing God's Love at "Dog Church"

  • Lovable Nia

    Lovable Nia ... She loves everyone, unconditionally!!

  • Resi and Children

    "Resi" brings joy to children in a hospital

  • Ranger and Ball

    "Ranger" LOVES his ball, his food, and Canines for Christ!

Who We Are

Canines for Christ is a Christian-based, animal-assisted therapy ministry that uses ordinary people and their beloved dogs to share God's message of love, hope, kindness, and compassion to the community.

What We Do

Pioneered by Chaplain Larry Randolph, Canines for Christ has been in existence since July 2007. The number of ways God has blessed all kinds of people through this ministry is humbling. New dogs and volunteers are being added constantly. Currently, hundreds of canines and human volunteers have been approved to serve God in this unique ministry.

With God's blessings, we hope to expand in many more locations. Praise God!

We currently go to places such as cancer centers, grief centers, children's homes, nursing homes, hospitals, hospice facilities, special needs facilities for the mental and physically disabled, home visits, prison ministries, and many other places upon request.

Our mission is letting Christ's love shine through us and our canines as His disciples when we visit people who need love, hope and compassion that only God's message can provide. And we want them to know that God loves them.

Are you asking yourself...

  • What is my calling?
  • Where is it that God wants to use me to build His Kingdom?
  • How can I make a difference in the lives of people in need of love, hope, and compassion?
  • Am I able to share the love of Jesus with the sick, elderly, lonely, depressed, injured, and dying?

If you want to be involved in this ministry, go to the "Steps to Serve" page to find out more.

Recent Updates

  • The Canines for Christ Crisis Response Team responded to the Orlando Tragedy. Read how God touched the lives of those affected by this terrible tragedy on the "Special Events" page. Also, check out the "Crisis Response Therapy Dog Teams" page to learn how you can become a C4C Crisis Response Team member.
  • God uses everyday events and Canines for Christ volunteers to share His love! Read these latest uplifting stories on the "Lives Touched" page:
    • A Blessed Visit
    • Encouragement From "Charlie"
    • My Guardian Angels
  • Check out the "Therapy Dog Awards" page for a list of our Canines for Christ teams that have earned the C4C Royal Ambassador Award (over 1,000 visits) or one of the AKC Therapy Dog titles (based on 50 or more visits)! Congratulations!